It’s true that everyone loves a good deal, especially when buying a home. 

Throughout the month there are usually at least a handful of properties with reduced prices. 

Some people might think a “price improvement” holds a bad connotation - but typically, that’s not the case. It really boils down to how motivated the sellers are, for many possible reasons.

If you’re a motivated buyer looking for a great deal on a home, price reductions are a huge advantage for you. I combed through many homes in our area with lowered prices this week and the ones below are the ones I think you shouldn’t miss!

⬇️ Dropped By $10,000

⬇️ Dropped By $5,000

⬇️ Dropped By $16,000

⬇️ Dropped By $10,000

⬇️ Dropped By $56,000

Don’t see one that you LOVE?

Check out the entire list of new homes for sale in the past 7 days!

3 beds - 2 Baths

1841 Sable Ridge Rd

Clarkdale, Arizona

MLS® ID: 517672

3 beds - 3 Baths

625 King Copper Rd

Ash Fork, Arizona

MLS® ID: 517671

3 beds - 3 Baths

29 Pinon Woods Drive

Sedona, Arizona

MLS® ID: 517670

4 beds - 3 Baths

1981 S Wranglers Way

Cottonwood, Arizona

MLS® ID: 517664